OneCall are office technology specialists based in Dunedin. With the company’s current logo being more suited to that of telecommunication, OneCall required a new identity, a stronger, stand-alone brand representing all the products they supply. My brief was to highlight the four categories or ‘four pillars’ of the company - photocopiers, IT, voice and data, and phone systems.
My solution was to introduce a colourful, friendly feel to the brand. I also wanted to push the company’s advantage of being Dunedin based. They are able to offer a personalised service with a local team that really understand the businesses of their clients. This less corporate approach would give OneCall an identity that differentiates them from the product brands they supply e.g. Sharp, TelstraClear, ComSouth, Samsung.
The OneCall logo is made up of four coloured cubes representing the four products provided by OneCall - photocopiers, IT, voice and data, and phone systems. Each cube is the same size giving equal weighting to the four products.
To further promote the products we have introduced the four Salesmen characters. The main purpose of the Salesmen is to clearly inform the client what OneCall can do for them. They will be used to promote each of the four products in a fun and informative way.
The new identity was very well received by the company directors, while being unexpected it fulfilled their brief and they were keen to get it out and working. The new branding will appear on stationery, signage, proposal folders, brochures, vehicles and a new OneCall website.