Global Office

A Global Office client may know they have a problem that needs solving, or simply know they want to use more technology in their business, but not what they need or where to find it.

Global Office are experts in identifying the technology required and either sourcing it or building it. Their clients love that they have been around for 20 years and are here to support them for the long term.

My challenge was to develop a visual brand centred around the new Global Office story crafted by Priority Communications. Together Robertson Creative and Priority Communications developed a full brand personality. Customer stories play a central role in the companies marketing so we focussed on the real people benefiting from the technology every day in their businesses. We commissioned imagery of Global Office clients at work with warm, open faces, in real environments, back offices and warehouses.

My role as graphic designer included a refresh to the logo design and the development of a visual brand style.
The logo device is a cog or gear which symbolises ‘technology at work’, the new Global Office tag-line. I introduced this ‘technology at work’ theme to the Global Office visual brand by looking at elements of Futurism design - looking back gives a cool, retro feel to the graphic style and avoids the use of expected tech imagery.

Designed elements included a custom web site, business stationery, social media, infographics, wall decals, building signage and vehicle graphics.

Together with Priority Communications

Photography by Dave Richards

Web development by Alex Hatzipanis